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Kiddy Clay Modellling 7s Assorted Colour PX-380-7+16SMRTR

Kiddy Clay Modeling Clay Set Of 7s
Oil based modelling material that never dries out, shrinks, or hardens after being left out in the air. It can be used over and over again. No mould or fungus can form on the clay therefore no preservatives are added, making it totally safe for children. Our clay is non-toxic. Its shelf life is approximately 3 years.
  • 7 bright colorful clays. (Dark Grey,White, Green, Pink, Blue, Red and Orange)
  • 16 pieces of mixed shapes molds/cutters.
  • 1 roller.
  • 3 tools.
  • 7 bright colorful and pastel color clays.
  • Mixed shapes of molds/cutters to create cute and creative shapes.
  • Non-toxic clays.
  • Gluten free clays.
  • Easily reshape, never dries and never hardens.


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