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Kokuyo Inkjet Paper A4 127GMS KJ-G1215/KJ-G14A4 10s

  • Optimal inkjet matte paper to print high-quality photos
  • Reproduce the color of photo realistic.
  • A4/ 50 Sheets
  • High-quality matte paper
Optimal inkjet matte paper to print high-quality photos!
High-quality matte paper that has been developed for printing in / photo output of high-quality photos. A special coating with an emphasis on image quality, to reproduce the color of photo realistic.

It can be used in various applications such as Paper Craft
Because there is a thickness was firm compared to the normal of matte paper, such as POP production of Photo can also be used as a high-quality craft paper.

Size: A4 
vertical and horizontal: 297 - 210 
sheets number: 10 sheets 
● paper thickness / 183g / m² 0.22Mm- 
●​​single-sided printing paper 
● whiteness about 93% (ISO)



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