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Artline Permanent Laundry Marker 750 EK-750 0.7mm

  • Able to withstand repeated washings with detergent, the Artline® 750 laundry marker pen features a fine 0.7 mm nib to allow for more precise markings 
  • Ideal for marking any type of cloth or linen, the black ink has a low odour, is instant-drying, alcohol-based and xylene-free
  • It is also able to resist both hot and cold water for a longer-lasting finish
  • Will withstand repeated washing with detergents in hot and cold water
  • Resistant to dry cleaning
  • Instant drying alcohol based ink
  • Low odour
  • Ink is Xylene free and RoHS compliant
  • Bullet nib with a 0.7mm line width
  • Colour available: Black,  Blue, Red


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